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About Tilt

Tilt: Flip's Adventure in 1.5 Dimensions™ is created by Nicole Lazzaro, David Gregory, Iggy Medeiros, Stuart Dubey, David HM Spector, and Adam Domenick. We are an self-financed virtual team working from San Francisco, LA, and NYC. We decided to skip external financing.

XEOPlay creates small simple social games that improve quality of life and unlock humane potential through play. XEOPlay, Inc. incorporates the industry leading research on emotion and the fun of games of our sister company XEODesign, Inc. Free whitepapers on emotion and the fun of games from XEODesign’s research can be found here: http://xeodesign.com/whyweplaygames.html

XEOPlay, Inc.
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Oakland, CA 94618

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