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A toxic green Blight swallows Shady Glen, and transforms Flip into the "little eco hero who could." Flip picks up where the Lorax left off, eating carbon and rescuing seeds from the Blight. Flip needs your help to bring sunshine back to Shady Glen. Tilt World is an adventure against Blight that you can play anywhere in the real world.

Help Flip eat carbon to survive and plant enough seeds to push back the Blight and restore Shady Glen.

Just Tilt to Play

Simply Tilt the iPhone or iPod Touch between landscape and portrait to guide Flip towards pollution and seeds, and away from objects slimed by the toxic green Blight. Your powers of observation are critical to guide Flip through 15 levels of puzzley gameplay goodness.  

Just like in real life sometimes all that Flip needs to solve a problem is a change in perspective.

"Challenging, but accessible" ~ Shelly M. Berkeley, CA

Over the course of 15 levels solve 3 sets of puzzles to earn enough Tilt Points™ to clear the sticky green Blight from soil, water, and air. To restore sunshine to Shady Glen Flip must eat carbon from the air, plant mushrooms to detoxify the soil, recycle enough bottle caps to bottle the Blight, capture fireflies as alternative energy source to grow young seedlings, and ultimately solve the mystery of the green Blight. Ridiculously easy to pickup no-button gameplay, with tilty-twisty puzzles that are challenging to master.

Become an Eco Hero!!!

Go for extra goal objects, whether it is a mushroom or a bottle cap, to gain secret Eco-Hero badges for each level. Even a hero takes some damage along the way in order to achieve their goals.

Unique Gameplay

+ Amazing graphics and challenging gameplay
+ No buttons. Just tilt to play
+ Unlock 3 gorgeous story worlds featuring 15 unique puzzle levels
+ Solve the mystery of the green blight
+ Tilt together with others around the world to post high scores
+ Play in the real world
+ Tilt, Plant, Fight the Blight!

+ Astounding Artwork by Iggy Medeiros
+ Immersive Soundscapes by Stuart Dubey
+ Original Game Design by Nicole Lazzaro
+ Programming by David Gregory
+ Additional Programming by David HM Spector
+ Tying up Loose Ends by Adam Domenick

+ Winner Best Game iPhoneDevCamp 2007
+ Wired Magazine's Top 9 Hacks for the iPhone 2007
+ CNET Top 10 Apps from iPhoneDevCamp 2007

Ready to Tilt the World?

Tilt is a game that the whole world can play. By working together can players around the world earn enough points to plant trees in Madagascar?

Write a review and tell us where you'd like Flip to go next!


iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPad, and iPod Touch second generation and up
OS 4.0 or higher
Internet connection required for online play and high score

ready to tilt the world?